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Jennie is a small 0-4-2 locomotive and the first tender locomotive in the Roundhouse Basic Series.

Technical specifications:

0-4-2 inside framed chassis with double acting slide valve cylinders operated by slip eccentric valve gear.
Internal gas firing using the ROUNDHOUSE ‘FG’ gas system.
Controls fitted as standard are:- steam regulator, safety valve, displacement lubricator and gas regulator.
A gas filling adaptor is required.
Dimensions of the loco(loading gauge) are:- length 27cm over buffers, width 10.7cm, height 15.5cm, weight 2.4Kg.
32mm or 45mm gauge (non adjustable for the loco) please state when ordering.
Comes with a four wheeled tender with resin coals. This tender is also available seperately.
Dimensions of the tender (loading gauge) are:- length 15cm over buffers, width 10.7cm, height 10.5cm, weight 0.8kg.
Accessory packs avalable are:- pressure gauge, water top up system, and radio control fitting kit.
Available in any Standard Roundhouse Colour.

Please note that insulated wheels are NOT available on this locomotive.

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Weight 2.4 kg