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Bogie 5 Compartment Coach 3rd/2nd/1st/2nd/3rd class compartments.

Dimensions: Length 438mm, Width 108mm, Height 133mm.

These freelance coaches give a very `turn of the century (1900)’ authentic look and are sized to match the usual size of 16mm locomotives. They have been redesigned to give a superbly crisp exterior and a fantastic interior. Our layered laser cut sides with appropriate tabs and slots make assembly and painting very straight forward. Seating is detailed, first class passengers have cushions with upholstery buttons already lasered in, second class a comfortable compartment and third class is more basic. All compartment inner sides are detailed and the droplights have straps dangling.

First class compartments are the most spacious and include ‘cushioned’ seats with a padded back and headrest. The sides and door are also upholstered for added luxury. Supplied with the kit are a set of pictures, notice and timetable which can be fitted in the wooden frame above the seats.

Second class compartments have a ‘padded’ seat, including headrest and buttoned seat back. The door is planked and the walls are plain.

Third class compartments have a planked seat, including simple headrest. The door and walls are planked.

Supplied with coach end steps, cast brass door handles, grab rails and gold transfers. Requires bogies, wheels and couplers. Our recommended bogies are RSA33/0 (32mm) or RSA33/1 (45mm), 25mm wheels are suitable for these, RSA30/0 (32mm) or RSA30/1 (45mm) being recommended

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