Latest News

01/08/21 We have agreed to sell Brandbright Ltd to Mr. Ken Vine. Consequently, we have closed and vacated the unit in Blandford, and Ken has decided to put everything into store for twelve months or so, until he can restart the business from his home. We wish him all the best for the future, and hope you will give him your support when he starts his new adventure.

09/03/21 After much soul searching and a great deal of thought and anguish due to failing health. I have come to the conclusion, that for the benefit of my health and the betterment of Brandbright Ltd. I have decided to sell the business as a going concern. This business has proven to be covid-19 proof, idiot proof and Andrew proof!
This is an internet business with a solid customer base that ranges from Cornwall to Caithness with  international customers from Canberra, Australia to California,USA and can be run from anywhere in the UK. In the last Four & Half years we have taken this business from a zero turnover to a thriving enterprise.
Therefore,if you belive that you have the drive and ambition to take this business to the next level, we would be delighted to here from you. In the meantime we will continue to trade as normal.

08/06/20 Due to complications we have had spend the last fortnight as a resident of Salisbury Hospitals Coronary Care Unit. We hope to resume normal service as soon as we can.

21/05/20 We have regretably decided that with so many back orders to deal with plus the new catalogue to sort out. That the only option left to us is to close the web-shop. for a short period of time, so that we can deal with these issues and stop permanetly playing catch-up. Please be assured that this is only a short term measure and we will re-open as soon as we have cleared the back log of orders.

06/05/20 For the better part of the last Two weeks I have been a resident of Poole Hospitals’ Avonmouth Ward. Which is there Coronary Care Unit, I would like to the opportunity to thank all the Doctors, Nurses and Staff for my recovery. Given the current covid-19 crisis they were all “bloody brilliant” in fact nothing less than exemplary. The other side effect of this is that I have not been able to process the Order Book, which we are now doing as fast we can but we are also facing an unprecedented level of orders.  So please be patient we will get your orders out to you as quickly as we can.

10/04/20 We will be issuing our new catalogue, Number 23 on the 04/05/20 along with a new price list. Regretably there will be some price increases due to increased costs. 

25/03/20 Both Roundhouse Engineering and Peco have closed up shop on government advice due to the Coronas Viras, therefore, we are unable to obtain any of there products until the current crisis is over. HOWEVER THE WEB-SHOP IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND WE WILL CONTINUE TRADE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

18/03/20 It has been annouced that the new date for The 16mm AGM Show will be the 14/11/20. After much thought and deliberation we have decided that we will not be attending the show in November. In the mean time we will continue to to hold the fort here in Blandford Forum and it will be business as usual except that we will not be open to the public and access will be by invitation only. 

16/03/20 We have been informed by Carol Regan this afternoon that THE 16mm AGM SHOW IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Therefore the Brandbright 2020 AGM SPECIAL OFFER PACK will be available from the 1st to the 30th April 2020 Post Free. How to order this item and any further information regarding this show, please go to our Shows and Exhibitions page.

15/03/20 Having received assurances from Carol Regan that the show must go on, we wish to reafirm that we will be attending the 16mm AGM at Peterborough and will be bringing our 2020 AGM Special Offer Pack of 2 x GS20 + 2 x GS17 for £100 along with our new GS21 Bogie Bolster Wagon.

05/03/20 Due various and many factors, regretably we have taken the decision not to attend the Caterham show on the 07/03/20 to be held at the de Stafford School.

25/01/20 Due to an ongoing respiratory problem, regretably there has been an increase in the turnaround times of orders placed and comunications due to this issue. We would like thank our customers for there continued patience regarding this matter and we hoped to have this issue resolved soon.

15/12/19 Due to many and  various reasons including production issues we regretfully anounce tha we cannot gaurentee that any orders recently placed will be delivered by Christmas, that said we will we will try our best to complete as many as we can. 

15/04/19 We debuted two new lines at the 16mm AGM in Peterborough, the GS20 Bogie Box Van which should be available at the end of the this month and the PS14 Oldbury Coach which should be available at the Elsecar Show, which we will shall be attending

27/11/18 Please be aware that orders placed after 19/12/18 cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. Therefore we advise that any orders that are for Christmas gifts be placed well in advance of this date. 

22/09/18 To celebrate our debut at the Yorkshire Garden Railway Show we will be offering our PS23      Three Compartment All 2nd Coach as a Twin Pack at the Special Show Price of £100. Also available at the Special Show Price of £60 our GS8 L&B Open Bogie Wagon and lastly and by no means least our GS19/4 Hopper Wagon Kit (4-Pack) at the Special Show Price of £85. These Special Offers are only available at the show on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS and are not available as a pre-ordered item, as stocks are limited. 

17/08/18 We will be attending the Llanfair Garden Railway Show as usual. However, this is a polite reminder to anybody wishing to purchase, any items of stock from us at this show. That due to the lack of any WiFi signal we can not take any Credit/Debit Cards in payment and will only accept cash. That said, it is the only show on the calender that is a cash only situation. Therefore, any UK online order placed with us on the 1st or 2nd September 2018 will be entitled to a 5% discount and free postage. (Regretably we can not include Roundhouse locomotives or Peco track in this offer.)

04/07/18 We have for sale a Secondhand Roundhouse Taliesin that has been rarely steamed and in good condition, these locomotives are very rarely available on the secondhand market. For further details and photographs please contact us by telephone or e-mail. (As of 10/07/18 it is now been sold.)

27/06/18 We will be issuing Catalogue No:22 from the 10th July 2018 along with a new Price List. Regretably we have had to increase some prices, however we have decided to hold our Rolling Stock Kits at last years prices.

04/06/18 Today there is a new addition to our Information Section entitled Gallery, so if there are any of our customers who have bought one of our kits in the last 18 months and would like to enter images of there craftsmanship. Please e-mail us at and we will do our best to put them in our Gallery.

21/04/18 If you are planning to visit us at our factory next week please check the opening hours section as we will be away for couple of days, and we would advise an advance Phone Call (01258 458088) to confirm appointment.

17/04/18 At the 2018 AGM we introduced two new New Lines GS16 & GS18. These being a Flat Wagon Kit and a Stake Wagon Kit and are now available to purchase through the On-line Shop, by Telephone and by Post.

21/11/17 The last day we are taking orders for Christmas delivery will be 19/12/17, after this date we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

21/07/17 The much awaited for, RSA55 Sprung Buffers are now available through the Website and have been updated and upgraded.

06/07/17 There is a new addition to our Information Section, entitled “The Engine Shed” which lists the Locomotives we have on order from Roundhouse Engineering Ltd or that we have in stock for immeadiate delivery. As usual there is no charge for delivery on any locomotives sold with a UK delivery address.  

22/06/17 As of today we will be issuing a new price list dated June 2017 with our current catalogue (No:21) that will take effect as of 03/07/17. Regretably there will price increases on some items. We have tried to absorb some of these rising costs but alas, we can no longer afford to do so.Therefore it is with much regret that we must pass on some of these costs. 

25/04/17 We were asked about the availabilty of RSA55 Sprung Buffers when we attended the 16mm AGM we would now like to confirm that they will be back in stock by the end of this May.  

28/02/17 We are now starting to get our wheels back on line, they have been redesigned and improved for better running.

18/01/17 The e-mail issue has now been sorted out and we can now send and receive emails.

14/01/17 Having moved to our new premises in Blandford Forum we have just about got everthing sorted out except our e-mail. We can receive e-mails, but we cannot send e-mails. We will have this issue sorted out shortly. If there are any queries please do not hesitate to call us on the following number 01258 458088. In the meantime we are currently processing the orders which should be ready for dispatch very soon. Also if you wish to place an order for collection at the 16mm AGM, please use the website, for which of course there will be no delivery charge on those orders.   

21/12/16 We are in the middle of packing up everthing here in Norfolk and moving to Dorset and setting out the new factory, whilst we are happy to accept orders, the earliest we can send them out now, is the first week in January.

09/12/16 We have brought back many of the items and they are now live on the web shop also we are in the process of developing new kits for the New Year.

22/11/16 We have started production of our kits again. Please check the website for details.

02/11/16 Richard and Shirley are finally retiring! Andrew Bell has taken over the running of the buisness and will be steadly reintroducing all the old favourites and some items that we hope will become new favourites. Please keep checking the website for updates. We would also like to confirm that we will be attending the 16mm AGM at Peterborough on the 08/04/2017.

15/10/15: Still cutting kits – fulfilling our huge number of back orders.

8/4/15: We have now packed the last of your orders for collection at the Peterborough Show on Sat 11th April – and CANNOT take any more reservations now.  After we have returned, and seen which stock is still available – after the 20th of April, we shall update this web shop to show only that which is available.  Please order after the 20th April.  Any orders placed before we update this site will be subject to availability.  We have a long list of back orders and apologise for the delays in sending them out.

5/3/15: We have announced our retirement plans and are now taking orders and reservations for items to be collected at The National Garden Railway Show on 11th April at Peterborough. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you order EARLY. It can be done on this site, please specify for collection at Peterborough on your order. You will NOT be charged the postage indicated and your card will NOT be charged until nearer the time. We look forward to seeing you at the show.   We are also planning a last, small run of the GS7 and GS8 L&B wagon kits – reservations recommended! 

5/1/15: We are now back despatching the orders placed during the Christmas break and these will be on their way shortly. We wish our customers a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing many of you at the Peterborough Show (11th April).

3/11/14: The Christmas rush is upon us and we only have a limited number of days to make things till Santa delivers! So please get your orders in now to avoid any disappointment.

Our next BIG show is at Peterborough on 11th April 2015 and we are already taking advance reservations for our ever popular kits.

We have converted the last of the Baguley locomotives – we only have one left, so get in quick! – a last chance to get one of the Brandbright quality radio and sound fitted locos for Christmas. – SOLD

29/8/14: We will be attending the Saturday Steam Up at Merstham on the 4th October and look forward to seeing you there.

30/1/14: We are now taking orders and reservations for items to be collected at The National Garden Railway Show on 12th April at Peterborough. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you order EARLY. It can be done on this site, please specify for collection at Peterborough on your order. You will NOT be charged the postage indicated and your card will NOT be charged until nearer the time. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

9/1/14: May we wish our customers a Happy New Year and hope that their garden railways bloom. There have been a few small alterations in the loco prices and these are now shown on their appropriate web pages.

12/12/13: Server Improvements – We are being upgraded to a faster server on Tuesday 18th December between 10am and 12pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause on that day.

7/12/13: The Lew locomotives and Baguley diesels will be with us very soon. Our Baguley conversions are legendary and are properly engineered. To make sure you get one from this batch, we suggest you order one now. There are but a few Electric Lews left too.

7/10/13: Our next trade display will be at Steam In Beds on Saturday 30th of November. As our car space is limited, please let us know your requirements well beforehand, so that we can have them ready for you at the show. 

18/07/13: Come and see us at the East Anglia Garden Rail Show on Saturday 10th August, at Bressingham Steam Museum & Gardens.  We’re only taking one car load, so if you want something in particular let us know and we’ll see you there.

We shall also be at the Elsecar Garden Railway Show on September 28th and 29th – please pre-order your requirements early for this show.

 02/05/2013: Two NEW locomotives have been added into our range, the live steam KAREN and the battery powered LITTLE JOHN. Demand is high, but Brandbright have pre-ordered a supply of these, to keep the wait to a minimum for those who order now.

13/04/2013: At Brandbright we are starting to pack things down ready for the 16mm Association AGM Exhibition at Peterborough on 27th April. So if you have any specific requirements, let us know well in advance and we can have them put aside for you. You can either email, phone or place an order on this site stating that you wish to collect at Peterborough. The postage shown on the site will of course not be charged. On show will be our fantastic kits, discounted track and uniquely we shall be offering some surplus parts which are not normally available. We look forward to seeing you there!

05/04/2013: Welcome to the NEW Brandbright web site and on-line shop. We trust that you enjoy having a look through the ‘shelves’ and that the navigation around the store is self explanatory. We shall of course be adding to the site over the future months and we at Brandbright look forward to hearing from you in the meantime.

04/02/2013: In stock now, one Cricket loco with radio control and one with manual control, both 32mm gauge.  Last two one available, buy one now, while you can!

01/01/2013: Thank you for your custom in 2012. We wish a Very Happy New Year to you and your families. We look forward to your continued support in 2013 as you work on your railway with Brandbright models.

21/10/12: It’s nearly time again for Steam In Beds and we’ll be going along as usual. We’re only taking one car load, so if you want something in particular let us know and we’ll see you there. Get ready for winter – stock up on our superb quality kits now!

06/08/12: Come and see us at the East Anglia Garden Rail Show this Saturday (11th August) at Bressingham Steam Museum & Gardens.  We’re only taking one car load, so if you want something in particular let us know and we’ll see you there.

24/05/12: The last of the Roundhouse Vale of Rheidol Locos will be arriving here shortly. This is the last batch of these and we’ve only got 2 left. Both locos are fully kitted out with radio control, whistle and simulated draincocks. If you’ve ever wanted one of these great engines this is your last chance, so give us a call before they’re gone!

07/05/12: Due to a scheduled power outage we will be unavailable Tuesday 8th May. You can still contact us through email, but we won’t actually see it until later in the week. Thanks for your understanding.

27/04/12: We are rapidly running out of our allocation of Baguley Drewery diesels (Which we are converting to battery power), so pre order now if you want one in this batch. Unusually, we have stocks of our other electric locos, Cricket and Boxer. These battery engines are quick to get started running with, ideal for the British summer!

30/03/12: Just a note as we are on our way to Peterborough Show. We have some details on our new models, with more details to follow. PS36 Talyllyn Coach is now available as are the revamped and now laser cut L&B GS7 and GS8 (no pics of these on the site yet). These 3 vehicles are in stock at time of writing and we’ll be taking them to the show. We’ll see you there!

20/03/12: We’re gearing up for the 16mm Association National Show in Peterborough. It is always our busiest show of the year, so if you want something specific please call us beforehand and we’ll have it put by behind our stand with your name on it. We have finalised details on our conversions of the new batch of Baguley Drewery diesels, so have a look at those and pick out which one you want!

07/02/12: Brandbright will be at the forthcoming exhibitions & steam ups:
Sat 03/03/12: Merstham all day steaming
Sat 10/03/12: Narrow Gauge North in Leeds
Sat 31/03/12: 16mm Association National Show in Peterborough
Sat & Sun 19-20/05/12: May Merstham Show
11/08/12: Bressingham East Anglia garden railway show (formerly at Brandon)
18/08/12: One day show at Kew Bridge Steam Museum
We look forward to seeing you there!

05/01/12: A few announcements for the new year. Firstly, there are only a few Earl/Countess steam locos still available in the current batch. The green engines have sold out, with black locos available with manual or radio control. Baguley Drewery diesels are coming back! We expect the 2-rail versions within the month and as before we will be converting these to battery power with options of radio control and sound. Stay tuned for more details of these conversions in the near future. As usual we are discounting the engine – the 2-rail version full RRP is £299, our price just £268

21/12/11: Merry Christmas from all at Brandbright! We are now closed for the festive season. We look forward to seeing you in 2012.

25/10/11 Brandbright will be at the forthcoming exhibitions & steam ups:
03/12/11: Steam In Beds at Eaton Bray
Early March 2012: Merstham all day steaming
10/03/12: Narrow Gauge North in Leeds
31/03/12: 16mm Association National Show in Peterborough
We look forward to seeing you there!

26/08/11: Come and see us at the Elsecar Garden Railway Show on 24th & 25th September. We’re only taking one car load, so if you want something in particular let us know and we’ll see you there.

05/05/11: Brandbright have always discounted Accucraft steam engines and now we will
That’s right, we will beat any other published price (that is backed by stock) for Accucraft locos. Comparisons must be with current published prices and relate to genuinely available locomotives. You cannot justify getting your engine anywhere else! This means amazing savings like the NG15 now under £3000. Get in touch with us today, we have locos in stock ready to send.

11/04/11: New Boxer! This is a new battery electric loco we are producing, available as either kit or ready to run. Run from an enclosed gearbox, with a toothed belt drive, built on a steel chassis this is a powerful engine. Check out the pictures to look at the impressive detail on the cast resin body. It even has working headlamps! Also there are just a few days left of our NG15 discount (see the timer below this frame) so get yours while it’s cheap!

07/04/11: We’ve got quite a few locos in stock at the moment, so if you’ve been waiting for a NG15, Vale of Rheidol loco, Tom Rolt or Leader (Among other locos); Now’s the time to get yourself a great deal. Just a few NG15s left in stock. We are holding our discount offer of £445 off, for the rest of April and if unsold, the last few will revert to normal retail price for this once only batch. We have a Tom Rolt from stock, in the prototypical bronze green, 32mm, radio control. With free delivery at the moment, this is only £1625 total. The Vale of Rheidol loco will be retired from production at the end of this year, but don’t worry we’ve got stock at the moment, with a few more coming up. In addition, if you buy one of our stock VoR locos we’ll throw in a PS28 Saloon coach kit FREE, worth £120. Leader and Ragleth are also in stock, both discounted. Leader is down from the RRP of £710 to £628, manual control. Radio fitting of Leader is also available for only £195. Ragleth is available from stock, manual control. Discounted form £575 RRP to just £499. These are just a few of the locos we have in stock – with many more available to order or to reserve for future batches. Stay tuned for another update soon on the new Roundhouse Leek & Manifold loco and our new electric loco, Boxer.

17/03/11: We’re busy gearing up for this year’s 16mm Association AGM show at Stoneleigh (2nd April). This is a huge event with lots of attendees, so if you want us to bring you something particular to collect please let us know as soon as you can beforehand. In other news we have finished a batch of PS19 and PS20 Bogie coaches. This is the first batch of the laser cut version of PS20 (the brake composite). It has all the new features (Full interior detail, extra castings included etc) as the rest of the range and has the same compartment details i.e. 1st, 2nd and brake as PS18.

02/03/11: Forgot to mention that we will be at Merstham steam up, this Saturday 5th. We’re only taking one car load, so if you want something in particular let us know. In case you’re just too far North to make it there, next weekend we’re at Narrow Gauge North (12th/13th March). We’re only taking one car of goodies to this one too, so do let us know in advance if you want anything specific.

01/03/11: The new NG15 locos have now arrived! There are still a few left in this first (and only scheduled) batch. We are heavily discounting these down from £3500 RRP to just £3055. Hurry and get yours now, before they’re gone!