Lynton & Barnstaple Kits

The redesigned L&B bogie freight stock. They are 8 ton open wagon with its long tarpaulin rail and the long box van – four of each supplied by Howards for the Southern Railway. The kits now feature laser cut wooden parts for even greater accuracy to the real thing – and a lot more detail! As before they have detail castings and even a brass handbrake lever. They have full rivet detail on the chassis, the correctly shaped headstocks and even connectable vacuum pipes. The opens have plank detail inside and out and the vans now feature opening doors to expose the detail on the floor!

Transfers are included of course.

Now both kits even include four sets of engraved S.R. wagon plates. Add your choice of couplings, bogies and wheels – we recommend RSA32 bogies and RSA139 wheels – for prototypical accuracy.

It has always been assumed that Lynton and Barnstaple stock ran on wheels with three holes, but according to the latest information. (The Lynton & Barnstable Railway. Measured & Drawn, by Stephen D. Phillips,in conjuction with Michael J. Bishop, from S.D. Publications Ltd). The wheels had only two holes therefore, we have introduced RSA139 to maintain the accuracy of these models. As usual RSA139 will be available in 32mm & 45mm gauges.

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